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Bia Sports Watch + GPS Go Stick

  • Bia Watch, GoStick and two coordinating watch bands.
  • Brilliant athlete-friendly angle. Envisioned on the Queen K and tested in the Santa Monica mountains and on Manhattan Beach.
  • Easy to use touchscreen for pre- and post-workout navigation.
  • Super-slim profile.
  • This is how Bia stacks up to the Garmin 310.
  • It runs, it swims, it bikes.
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  • GoStick with charging cable.
  • Firefly Green
  • Cornflower: Dig Deep
  • Believe I Am: Purple
  • Clean Slate: Silver
comes with women's or men's length bands.
  • #purejoy: Turquoise
  • Fierce Heart: Pink
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$10.00 (Fixed shipping cost)
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Product Description

Multisport GPS Just Got Chicked. 


What's So Exciting about this GPS Watch?

We turn the insulting "shrink it and pink it" approach to women's sporting goods on it's head.  We wrapped a slim lightweight design and kick-ass colors around robust multisport functionality and some smart new features, and then we made it brilliantly simple to use. 

Your Garmin can't do this:

  • SOS alert for peace of mind on solo workouts
  • Data to your online training log instantly; no more time wasted "sync'ing"
  • iPod-like ease of use; just one button and a touchscreen

When we say "no compromises" we mean it:

  • Triathlon race mode
  • Unlimited Galloway-style walk-run intervals. 
  • Water resistance to 50m
  • 17 hours of use between charges

Plus with Bia, you become part of a community just as amazing as you, both at the starting line and online.

How does it work?

Bia is a two-piece device. The Go Stick is the brains of the operation. It contains the GPS and the cellular connectivity that track your workout data. The wrist unit displays the information from the Go Stick in real time. Why 2 pieces? To keep the wrist unit super slim, light and comfortable and to you could get through an Ironman, or two weeks of workouts training for one, without recharging. Plus it enables us to include the functionality for the safety alert and quick connect GPS and to get data to your training log without sync'ing. We thought it was a smart design decision. We hope you agree.  

Unit Dimensions (LxWxH)
**Bia is a two piece device**
Watch: 60mm x 28mm x 7mm
Go Stick: 64mm x 25mm x 11mm

Watch: 30g (the same weight as 6 nickles)
Go Stick: 50g (the same weight as 10 nickles)

Battery Life
Watch:  Replacable; lasts 18-24 months.
Go Stick: Rechargeable; lasts 17 hours.

Watch: Anodized aluminum
Watch Strap: Neoprene fused to soft velcro
Go Stick: Anodized aluminum & polycarbonate plastic

Yes (on the watch)


Yes, with the GoStick 

Water Resistant
Yes (50m).  

Features and Benefits

  • Displays duration, distance and pace on one screen
  • SOS Safety Alert
  • Quick-connect GPS
  • Multi-sport modes to cover swim, bike, run, and triathlon
  • Unlimited walk/run intervals
  • Compatible with most standard ANT+ enabled heart rate straps
  • Time/stopwatch/intervals
  • Real-time race tracking (subscription required)
  • Automatic wireless data sync with your online training log

What's in the GPS Go Stick?
Bia is a two piece unit. The GPS Go Stick is the brains of the operation. It contains GPS, ANT+, a rechargable battery, an accelerometer, and a GSM cellular modem.

Can I use the Bia watch without the GPS Go Stick?
Yes. On it's own the sports watch will do time, stopwatch, intervals, and heart rate if paired with a standard ANT+ heart rate strap (such as Garmin or Timex). To do distance, speed, pace or utilize features that require connectivity such as the safety feature and real-time race tracking, you'll need the GPS Go Stick.

How does the GPS Go Stick connect to a GPS signal so quickly?
We use both GPS satellites and cell phone towers to get your initial location. 

Does it tell time?
Yes, it does! Even better, the time is displayed in the corner of the screen even when you are tracking a workout. 

Is the Bia sport watch water resistant?
Yes, up to 50 meters (5 ATM).

What if I accidentally send the GPS Go Stick through the wash?
It will come out cleaner and keep on working. We tried it.

Is swapping bands on the Bia sport watch easy?
Yes. No tools. No loose parts. Just slide it through the loop and velco it to itself. Did we mention you can get a number of super-stylish bands to swap out? Why have just one?

My existing GPS watch has seven buttons. Bia only has one?
Yes. Sometimes less is more. Here's how it works.

  • Use the touchscreen to interact before or after a workout or race.
  • Push the button to start/stop your workout or race.
  • Slap to mark a lap. 

Why is the button on the watch so big?
Bigger is better, especially when you need to find it without looking at the end of a puke-inducing interval or as you run up a hill to T1 after drinking too much lake water. It also sits on the front of the watch, flush with the face, so it doesn't accidentally get pushed by your wrist or your wetsuit.

Why does the watch sit at an angle?
We spent a great deal of time not just studying the movement of runners, swimmers, cyclists and triathletes, we spent hundreds of miles testing dozen of different fit models ourselves. The angle is a great compliment to the way we move, making it ideal for viewing without changing position or pace.  As a bonus, it doesn't hit or rub against the bone in your wrist (you know, the knobby sticky-out one).


Does it come with a heart rate monitor strap?
The Bia sport watch will work with standard ANT+ straps available on the market. The version you are reserving here does not come with a heart rate strap.

Will Bia ever make a replacement for the heart rate monitor strap?
Yes! It is on our list of annoyances that we want to find a better solution for. Stay tuned!

Does the Bia sport watch work indoors?
Everything works indoors except the GPS speed and distance. 

Does the Bia sport watch and companion GPS Go Stick count laps and work in indoor pools?
The hardware is totally equipped to do lap count and distance (meters or yards) for indoor and outdoor pools, but we aren't promising the software will be ready at launch. If that feature is not ready on time we'll release it as a free update after we ship.

Does it count steps?
No. Not yet.

Does it tell temperature or elevation gain?
No, not on the watch during your race or workout. We'll give you this information in your training journal after your workout is done.

Can I use the Bia sports watch with my iPhone instead of the GPS Go Stick?
Not at launch. The point of the Go Stick is NOT to have to use your $600 sweat-adverse, Gu-hating, battery-guzzling, kid-interupting smartphone as a sports device. Here's what we think of bringing our smartphones with on workouts:

  • It's too heavy to feel good in your pocket during a run.
  • The tan line from strapping a phone to your arm is unforgivable.
  • A phone near the ocean or pool is a recipe for disaster.
  • If you need your phone in an emergency on the bike, you don't want it low on battery because you've been using it to track your route.
  • Workout time is too precious to risk email and text interruptions. The world can wait.

When you reserve a Bia you are actually pledging funds that will help us bring Bia to market. As a thank you, we'll send you a Bia Watch + GoStick when it's ready. We'll also share updates on our development every 3-4 weeks. We actually do a pretty good job at making development captivating and funny - seriously. Check it out.

To our early backers we are offering an amazing early-bird price. Down the road there will be freebee's, upgrades, and other special perks because we'll never forget the opportunity your early support of our company provided us. Plus you'll be part of building an amazing new product and a female-founded tech company -- something that is still too rare.

The flip side is, we'll charge your pledge immediately, and we won't be in a position to offer refunds. However, if there is ever anything wrong with your Bia after it arrives, we'll swap it out with a new one. No questions asked. ...except "What color?".

We need to build a product we deeply love, because we are going to use it everyday. Even more importantly, our friends are going to use it every day. So the bar for making Bia delicious and delightful is set very high. We can't wait to put one on your wrist. 

They say if you want something done right you need to do it yourself. So we did.

Women are not small men. And the old approach of "shrink it and pink it" for women's sports products doesn't cut it. We got fed up with the other GPS watches on the market. After a few too many glasses of wine, we decided we could do better. Fast forward two years, and we are on the verge of shipping the product we dreamed about. 

Bia was founded by two tech-industry veterans who also happen to be moms (4 kids and 3 kids), and late blooming athletes. Sylvia is a long distance open water swimmer. Cheryl is a triathlete and Ironman Lake Tahoe finisher. 

Bia was crowd-funded into existence by thousands of amazing women (and hundreds of very enlightened dudes) who love to bike, and run, and swim just as much as we do. They wanted an end to the shrink it and pink it approach to sports products and they wanted a brand that respected and reflected them as athletes. You can see our whole history here

18 months later. We are a team of nine.

  • Our US-based team are experts in GPS, consumer electronics, low powered firmware, mobile apps, and user experience.
  • We've launched products at Google, Amazon and Adobe. Our Asia-based team built Apple's supply chain in China.
  • Our advisers include Lemnos Labs, 500 Startups, and former superstars from Apple, Cisco, Jawbone, and Frog Design.
  • We live the brand as triathletes, mountain bikers, dancers and runners. Bia was developed over thousands of miles of sweat.
  • Most importantly -- we always eat pie on Wednesdays!
  • See what the press has to say about us.

Team Bia



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