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"Groundbreaking" - DC Rainmaker / "We're Obsessed" - Women's Running Magazine / "Bia is what we imagine a GPS Watch designed by Steve Jobs would look like" - Trail Runner Magazine
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Like many other triathletes, I was skeptical of the Bia at first. But I quickly found myself reaching for the Bia over every other tracking gizmo for its simplicity and lightning fast acquiring speed. It’s ready to go before I’m out the driveway, and those little end-of-workout messages are addictive. Not to mention the zero-effort uploads make keeping a training log a literal no-brainer.

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The Bia is lightweight, smaller than a pack of GU and has a sleek, angled design that sits up higher on the wrist to avoid banging your wrist bone. It’s intuitively easy to use, automatically uploads workout data to the Bia site or another site of your choosing, receives software updates automatically, works for biking and swimming as well as running and has a pre-programmed SOS feature.

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