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Reserve your Bia from our first production order. You'll get a crazy introductory price and a 30% discount on future products - forever.

A wrist for every Bia? It's an audacious goal, but we can do it!

The Bia Multi-Sport GPS Training Watch offers:

  • Slim lightweight design for smaller wrists
  • Kick-ass colors and swappable bands
  • Quick-connect GPS - no more waiting for satellites
  • Data direct to your training log – no more syncing
  • SOS safety alert for peace of mind on solo workouts
  • Unlimited walk-run intervals
  • Full triathlon race mode

Reserve Now: $249.00

Suit Up: Bia Tech T-Shirts
Buy Now: $35.00

Warm Up: Bia Arm Warmers
Buy Now: $25.00


-- Huffington Post

"Look at this pretty thing that is going to crush our Garmins. And no, I don't mean these pretty ladies. I mean that peppy little blue thing sitting atop the Garmin and declaring, 'Your days are numbered, dude!'"

-- Swim Bike Mom